If you are in that wonderful stage known as pregnancy, and you consider hiring a life insurance, you should know that it is an excellent decision. But before we start looking for the right policy, we solve some of the most frequent doubts about the situation.


1. What type of insurance is best for new parents – temporary or permanent?

1. What type of insurance is best for new parents - temporary or permanent?

An advantage of temporary life insurance is that it is less expensive than permanent, at least initially. This allows it to be a more accessible option for families that are beginning to settle and with a limited budget.

The permanent life policy provides protection throughout life, but also offers the option of saving, which can be a good economic resource for emergencies in the future.

Frequently, the best solution may be a combination of permanent or temporary life insurance. The temporary policy can give you additional coverage during the years in which the children are at home, while the permanent can remain throughout life.


2. Should you consider different coverages if you work in the office or at home?

Both the mothers who work in the office and those who work in the home need protection since their contribution to the family is extremely valuable. Mothers who are housewives may not be compensated financially for their work, but if something were to happen to him, it would be extremely difficult to find a way to replace his activities.

The difference is that a mother who works in the office also contributes to household income, which is why her contribution to financial stability is critical. This means that you should consider replacing such income when you start looking for your policy.


3. Is the life insurance provided by the company where you work?

3. Is the life insurance provided by the company where you work?

Although group insurance is an excellent benefit, it can be limited in different aspects. To begin with, coverage is usually less than that provided by individual insurance. Second, if you change jobs you will lose coverage and, if you do not have your own policy, you will put your family at risk.


4. Are there any restrictions to consider pregnancy?

If it is an early stage of pregnancy and there are no medical complications, you should be able to contract a life policy without any problems. Otherwise, you may have difficulty getting it, as the company will want to wait until you have had the baby. Therefore, it is important to take out insurance as soon as possible, and even before getting pregnant.


5. Approximately, how much will life insurance cost?

5. Approximately, how much will life insurance cost?

The cost of a life policy will depend on different variables, but the most important are age and health. So, the earlier you hire the insurance and the healthier you are, the less you will pay.

Finally, asking for advice on this type of insurance when you are pregnant is highly recommended, as you will have expert recommendations on the best options for you and your family.

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