Hide Your IP Address – Which is the Best Option?

People who hardly pay serious attention on the kind of service they use on the internet are either ignorant of some factors or just do not feel convinced enough on why they should use a paid service. There are two major kinds of services available for people who want to change or hide their IP addresses while online. These are the free proxy websites and the paid IP changing software. For anyone who is not too familiar with either of the two services, below are the reasons why a user must look carefully before making his choice astrill vpn.

Security is a major reason why you want to change your IP or use a proxy website, free proxy server do not have the capacity to offer a thorough security for its users. There are reports of free proxy sites acting as tools for hackers and identity thieves to steal information that belongs to users. I cannot imagine how a free proxy site could possibly provide a top class security for users when they do not have the resources to do so.

The paid “hide my ip address” software is different and offers its service with state of the art tools that protect valuable information of users. Furthermore, this software cancels any limitation to full internet access for users, working within the system and providing safe and confidence inspired internet usage.

Users also need to know that a website that is here today and off tomorrow does not create the kind of confidence users need. Using free proxy website does not allow for confidence and continuity because they are off and on. Paid IP changing software depends on the patronage of its users, hence makes it a point of duty to always be there when users come calling

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