How To Attract Girls Using 3 Proven Tips

Looking to find out how to attract girls? You are definitely not the only one. That’s why I wrote this article, to share what I’ve learned picking up girls in the field so you know what 99% of guys don’t so you can find out how to attract girls anywhere anytime any place – even if these proven tips and techniques are potentially controversial…

Here are 3 Proven Tips to how to attract girls

  1. Possess a never-ending arsenal of attractive responses. Say you’re in a bar situation. You don’t want to approach the situation like an interview. You are there to flirt. So flirt. What this means is when she asks you “So how old are you?” don’t answer “I am 22” or whatever. You’re answer needs to be cocky but funny… like “I am legal. Are you legal? I hope so.” When she asks “So, what do you do?” respond “I chat up girls with incredible fashion sense on a Friday evening. I am usually quite good at it. But I think I might have met my match tonight. She is just too cute!” The key is to not answer her questions directly, you want to avoid straight answers and deliver memorable comebacks to keep the flirting progressing. Here’s a crazy example that exploits what she may all too often experience. Purposely decide to stare at her breasts. She might say “What are you doing!?” if she does this raise your finger and say “Hold on I am not finished yet”. This shows supreme confidence.
  2. Empathize with her. Do you an attractive single girl in Manhattan gets approached by guys at least 100 times a day? A lot of the time approaches are similar and LAME. Life is tough being an attractive single girl. Being able to empathize with girls that “other guys” are annoying and pathetic and then use that to your advantage by laughing together at them is a key tactic to bond with girls from the get-go – it shows you’re different and makes her feel comfortable so the flirting can progress and the attraction can begin. An example of how you can use this for full effect, is when you see a girl in a bar situation, say “Hey, I am sure you’ve probably been chatted up by pretty much every lame guy out tonight…but I just wanted to say you look gorgeous. I just LOVE the outfit.”
  3. Avoid thinking in terms of “pickup lines”. A magic line is not the difference between getting a positive response or a negative response. It’s much more vital to approach with confidence than to focus on one sentence that’s going to make her instantly fall in love with you. Let’s say once again, you’re in a bar situation, you could regurgitate a line to a pretty girl you Googled only an hour previous like “Do you believe in love at first sight, or should I walk by again?”. Think about it. If you were a pretty girl your likely response is “go away weirdo”. The key is to ensure you have conquered yourself and you possess supreme inner confidence. As opposed to approaching a girl or girls and trying to get her to go home with you using 1 lame chat up line, instead consider looking her straight in the eye and saying to her and her friends “Hey ladies. How the hell are you doing tonight?” That communicates supreme confidence. Really that’s the easy part. Avoiding the pickup lines and just approaching with confidence is easy, it’s where you go from there.

So how can you proceed armed with these 3 foundational proven tips?Use them. Remember them. But remember the hard part is what you say next. What you do next. What you don’t do next. How you think…If you want to get a number from the girl, or get an even more desirable response.

Want to find out the exact definitive tips to progress from the initial approach using proven techniques?

Get easy to implement How To Attract Girls proven techniques. A word of caution though, the techniques while proven, are controversial. So I urge you to approach the How To Attract Girls proven techniques with an open mind.


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