How to Find a Quality Painter and Decorator

If you’ve made the decision to finally get around to painting that old room or need a new house painted from top to bottom, unless you’re a professional painter and decorator chances are you’ll want to hire a professional. Whether you’re hiring one painting contractor or a team of painting and decorating professionals, knowing what to look for can be difficult – after all most of us aren’t frequently hiring a painter and decorator. That’s why we’ve provided you with a few tips on how to find a quality painting contractor:

· Referrals. Chances are you know at least one person in the area who has recently had a room painted by painting and decorating experts. Take advantage of the situation and ask them how they liked the painting contractor and if they were satisfied with the price and quality of work. If they are then it’s likely your search will be over before it begins

· Quotes. Getting a quote from a painting contractor is a great way to estimate the costs of the job and directly compare it to other painting and decorating specialists In addition, during the quote session, it’s a great time to get to know them and determine whether or not they know their job well and appear professional.

· Time. When you’re getting ready to decorate a new room, chances are you want it done as soon as possible – no one wants to wait weeks to have a room painted. When contacting painting contractors are sure to get an estimate of the time for completion in addition to the price of the job.

· Appearance. One important aspect of a painting contractor that many people often overlook is appearance. While they are in the painting business, if you’re hiring a painter and decorator that will be in your home you want them to be courteous and dressed professional – it says a lot about how they’ll treat your home while they’re in it.

· Be Specific. When you’re comparing quotes, be sure to be specific with the painting contractors. Let them know exactly what rooms need painted and in what colors. This will give the painter and decorator a better understanding of the job so they’ll be able to provide you with a more accurate quote. In addition, once you’ve selected a contractor and they begin work, the better understanding will go a long way in ensuring that you get exactly what you wanted when you set out to complete the project.


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