Non-bank institutions have long been a convenient alternative to traditional banking services. They are constantly researching the market and preparing financial products that meet the needs of customers. All loan companies’ activities focus on improving the process of applying for financial assistance as much as possible. The customer should be provided with convenience in the process of granting the loan, so today he does not even have to leave the house to get money quickly. Currently, when a huge part of sales has moved to the Internet, online lenders are increasingly interested in their products. Of course, there are a number of differences between a bank loan and a loan from a non-bank institution. Instant payments or loans on the Internet have the advantage that applying for a cash injection is definitely easier than in the case of stationary loan settlement, requires less formalities, and above all is characterized by the speed of service.


SMS loan – is it possible?

SMS loan - is it possible?

Do you know the process of applying for a loan via SMS? One option is to provide the loan amount and installments in a text message. Then we wait for a call from a consultant who, after asking a number of appropriate questions, will find the best offer for us. In such a situation, can we say that the given company grants SMS loans? Partly yes, but due to the fact that the very act of applying for cash does not end with sending an SMS, it will not be a loan by SMS. However , there are companies that allow you to go through the entire loan application process via SMS.


Instant Messaging in SmartPay

Instant Messaging in SmartPay

Let’s see how you can get a loan via SMS on the example of SmartPay. First we must register on the site. If we meet the following conditions:

  • I am a citizen of Poland
  • I am 21 years old
  • I am employed / I have a stable income,
  • I do not have an entry in the register of debtors

then we can go to the next step, i.e. registration. Enter the required data in the appropriate form:

  • address,
  • personal data,
  • bank account number etc.

The company must verify us as reliable borrowers. When we create an account on the site, we send the following message from the phone number we provided during registration.

Then we wait for the bank transfer to the account we provided when registering on the lender’s website. Someone may say that the payday SMS does not seem to be much easier compared to the application submitted via the Internet, because we must register our data in the company’s system anyway. However, this has its advantages when we are a regular customer of a given company. We can already without logging into the service, enter the relevant data in a text message and quickly send to the lender. The application will be considered immediately, because the company will already have our data, which we do not need to re-enter and fill out sometimes onerous forms.


SMS loan in which companies?

Instant Messaging in SmartPay

SMS loans and SMS payday loans, in addition to Smartphones, are provided by several companies. TruSMS, 360SMS, BitCredit, WiseSMS, CredExpress or WentOn also offer this form of financial injection application. If we have any doubts about applying for a loan via SMS, we can always contact the Customer Service Office who will help in clarifying any problems. We will check the hotline’s working time on individual lenders’ websites. However, a more convenient method will be to check a specific company on our Barnaby Rudge comparison engine. In the “Loan reviews” section you will find not only the most important information about fees and conditions offered by the selected company, but also all necessary contact details. We will quickly check the working time of the Customer Service Office, e-mail address to which we can write in a specific subject or simply a phone number to call the company with a question.


SMS loan – advantages

SMS loan - advantages

The activities of non-bank loan companies focus on making the application process as easy as possible for their current and future clients. The main advantages of loans via SMS are:

  • fast service,
  • once entered data during registration remain in the system, which facilitates inference,
  • applying for a loan from anywhere, remotely,
  • without completing the documents,
  • quick transfer
  • automated process of receiving money.

Everyone should answer the question whether the loan via SMS is for him. Fortunately, we can choose from various forms of loan receipt, and by reading reviews on the comparison engine, we can prepare in advance to make the right decision.

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