Protein Diet Shakes – How Do They Work?

Protein diet shakes will in most cases contain protein, vitamins, minerals and fibre, none the less, as with any diet programme, you should get your doctor’s approval before you begin, especially if you have an existing medical condition. Check the labels for the ingredients and avoid shakes that have large amounts of added sugar.

To ensure the healthiest balance of nutrients while using protein diet shakes, or any other meal replacements product you should supplement each shake with fresh fruits and vegetables. You can just add your favourite fruit or vegetables to the shake but it is often easier to take the fruit or vegetables as a separate meal between the shakes. So for example someone wishing to lose more than 20 pounds may be taking two shakes a day as meal replacements. They would then take their third meal with a high fruit or vegetable content.

Taking this third meal with a high natural food element may be the reason that people losing weight with the protein diet shake tend not to put the weight back on when they resume their non-diet shake regimen. It has been suggested that a period of removing unhealthy items from the eating pattern educates the individual to the extent that many of the bad habits from the past are not repeated.

The growth in the protein diet shake industry followed the 2010 report on obesity. It discovered that obese subjects who consumed high-protein meal replacements as part of a low-calorie diet lost more weight over the period of a year than subjects who followed the diet without the meal replacements.

Since a protein diet shake will contain fewer calories than a normal meal this will result in a weight loss. This combined with the fact that protein diet shakes, as with most meal replacement products, include protein, minerals and fibre, which all help to make them a most attractive proposition.

Weight Loss Shakes are not necessarily just for those wishing to lose weight. They can be just as effective for those wishing to gain muscle mass. Since muscle is heavier than fat this would mean putting on weight.

We should bear in mind that both of those individuals would have as their first priority the need to lose fat. The apparent anomaly of the same product being used to produce entirely different results is due to the muscle builder taking the protein shake to help build muscle after his work out. This shake would be in addition to his normal meals.


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