Regular HIV Testing Means the Possibility of Better Treatment

While a lot of awareness has been created about the spread of HIV and how HIV’s spread can be controlled and abated, there is still a lot of work to be done. In 2006, the US Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) estimated that about 20 percent of HIV-infected people in the US do not know their status because they have not been tested.

HIV testing is essential for everyone for more reasons than one. By detecting HIV status early in life, you can ensure appropriate monitoring of the condition, obtain adequate and relevant health care and ensure that you can extend your life in a healthy manner. In addition, early detection can also help in avoiding the spread of the HIV from you on to others.

Many people are simply not aware that regular and timely HIV testing is key to early detection. The US Center for Disease Control and Prevention recommends that everyone between the age of 13 and 64 years should be given the option of HIV testing as part of the regular annual health check up. Specific communities with a higher incidence of HIV/AIDS should ensure that they get HIV testing done more often.

For some this may be easier said than done, and the process of going to a clinic may cause a lot of discomfort. This certainly should not hold you back any longer though because today one has the option of choosing a home HIV test. Home HIV testing can help you gain the courage to actually test and determine your status.

The home HIV test is FDA approved and ensures complete privacy. All that you need to do is to send in your sample and keep the unique and anonymous code that is assigned HIV Test to the home HIV test kit. The results of the test can be obtained over the phone by calling a toll free number. Whether you want the results of the home HIV test sent to you by mail or email is a complete matter of choice and can be determined over the phone.

The confidential aspect of home HIV testing can make all the difference for someone who wants and needs to be tested. It is hoped that more people will choose to take this completely private and confidential test instead of foregoing testing at all. In this way they can get adequate treatment to delay the onset of AIDS and make lifestyle changes that will stop the spread of the virus as well.

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