The Top 10 Ingredients That Must Be in a Green Food Supplement

There are ten major green food supplement ingredients that should be included in your green food powder if you want to optimize the benefit of using them as a health food. To include the following ten, in the right quantities and manufactured correctly, is costly; however, if you find a company that includes them, you at least have a good starting point for a powerful, potentially life-changing green food supplement.

The ten key ingredients to make the best green food supplement are: soy lecithin powder, organic alfalfa juice powder, organic barley juice powder, organic red beet powder, organic soy sprouts, organic green kamut juice powder, organic Hawaiian spirulina, high pectin apple fiber, brown rice germ and bran, and sprouted barley malt.

Before briefly describing each ingredient, I must point out that the best products use dried grass juice powders, manufactured without using heat or solvents. The dried juice grass is far more nutrient dense than just drying the leaves and using the entire plant, which is what most manufacturers do. Products made with the entire plant are mostly fiber, not nutrients. It is much more expensive to produce the juice powders. However, doing so provides a more nutrient dense product – often ten times as dense – so it is important that you understand the difference.

Soy Lecithin Powder from non-genetically modified soybeans contains choline, a powerful fat emulsifying compound found in every cell in the human body. Choline solubilizes fats and cholesterol in the blood stream, helps maintain cell membranes, and plays a pivotal role in brain neurotransmission. It also helps to regulate hormones, protein, bone, fatty acid, amino acid, glycogen, and nerve and energy metabolism.

Organic Alfalfa Juice Powder is the “father” of all foods. The root system of the alfalfa plant reaches down over 100 feet, absorbing a high level of nutrients and minerals, especially calcium. It is rich in chlorophyll, beta carotene, vitamins A, D, E, B6 and K, as well as numerous enzymes known to improve digestion and absorption. It has been used as a stand-alone product for treating vitamin K deficiencies.

Organic Barley Juice Powder is rich is vitamins including beta carotene, the B complex vitamins, and vitamin C, as well as numerous minerals. It contains mucopolysaccharides which play a major role in maintaining the structural integrity of body tissue. It contains up to 1000 of the 3000 known enzymes, including some of the most powerful antioxidants for protecting your cells, such as S.O.D., peroxidase, cytochrome oxidase, and dehydrogenase.

Organic Red Beet Juice Powder facilitates digestion, stimulates the kidneys, lymphatic system, liver, gall bladder and spleen, and improves bowel movement. Highly alkaline, it is a tremendous aid in reducing stomach acid. It is also proven to help build red blood cells, increase the cellular uptake of oxygen, and boost the immune system.

Organic Soy Sprouts possess naturally occurring isoflavones, including the much studied genistein found almost exclusively in soy. A potent antioxidant, they appear to interfere with the enzymes that convert normal cells into cancer cells. Soy sprouts also contain a vast array of vitamins and minerals, as well as the most important antioxidants to protect the body from destructive free radicals. They also contain a rich source of sterols and sterolins, proven to reduce cholesterol and boost your immune system.

Organic Green Kamut Juice Powder is an ancient grain from the rich Nile region of Egypt. Compared to normal wheat grass, Kamut has 29% more protein, 27% more lipids, and is higher in eight of the nine minerals found in wheat. It is also higher in 16 of the 18 amino acids essential for the human body. Kamut has a 40% higher antioxidant capacity then wheat and has endurance, energy, and health enhancing properties. It is a true superfood and key component of a green food supplement.

Organic Hawaiian Spirulina is the most famous of the blue¬†Detophyll comprar green algae. It is one of the most nutritious foods known, containing up to 65% highly digestible protein. It is one of the world’s highest sources of B12, contains ten times more beta carotene than carrots, and has amounts of the cleanser chlorophyll. In addition, it is one of the only foods to contain the essential Omega-6 fats, as well as high levels of vitamins, minerals, and enzymes.

High Pectin Apple Fiber is a rich source of pectin with strong antibacterial and fungicidal properties which have been proven to lower cholesterol. It slows the rate at which sugar and fat enters the blood stream, and by forming a gel, helps to increase fecal bulk. Fiber also feeds the healthy flora in the intestinal system, helping to improve the immune system.

Brown Rice Germ and Bran has been found to lower triglycerides and blood cholesterol in humans. An excellent source fiber, it decreases insulin response after a high carbohydrate meal, helping to prevent constipation and improving transit time through the colon.

Sprouted Barley Malt aids in the production of aerobic (oxygen using) bacteria, thus normalizing bacterial colonization of the colon. This reduces the risk of infection from toxic bacteria and fungi.

Those are the top ten ingredients you will find in only the very best green food supplement. I have tested and tried dozens, and followed up with several of the manufacturers. If you find one made with the above ingredients you will want to take about ten grams a day.

One of the manufacturers I interviewed was Barrie Carlson, the founder and President of Enerex. Their product, Greens Rx, is the best one I have found yet. (You can find dealers through EnerexUSA, their U.S. distributor.) Greens Rx is guaranteed to have the highest nutrient content per gram of any green food powder. Since it is competitive price-wise with other brands that do not have the same quality, it is the one I use for my athletes. Enerex also includes a few other ingredients that truly make this the best green food supplement currently on the market.

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