When it comes time to apply for a loan, take a moment to find the most suitable company for you, whose offer and rules for granting credit will be the most favorable.

For some, the problem may be temporary lack of employment or work on a contract other than an employment contract. However, do they always have to be in trouble?

Loan and income

Loan and income

Let’s start with the basic question: Do you always have to provide proof of income? As the classic used to say: “Well, no!” Not every loan company requires such a document. Not only that, it is not always necessary to provide any document showing the amount of income.

So let’s think about … What income does the loan company accept? Information on whether a certificate from an employer or a bank statement is required or not is always available on the website of the loan company. If you have any doubts, you can always look for information in the online service regulations.

If reading a small font is too scary, you can use the phrase search trick. Just press the keyboard shortcut ctr + f, enter “income” in the pop-up window and check where in the text and in what context this word appears. Sometimes you have to enter them after a change (eg “income”), but it’s still faster than reading paragraphs.

What income do loan companies accept?

What income do loan companies accept?

When applying for a loan, one should be aware that although the companies that grant them are sometimes very similar, each of them has its own regulations, according to which money is borrowed. The thing is that, in principle, each application is considered individually and it’s hard to talk about hard income thresholds that will provide (or cross out) the chance to get a loan.

In the most comfortable situation are people employed under an employment contract who are not burdened with any other obligations. However, it is not said that employment under a civil law contract (so-called mandate contract) or even a work contract puts the applicant in a lost position. Some loan companies also consider income as 500+, maintenance or state support as income.

Where do you not need to provide proof of income?


There are many companies that do not require their clients to provide proof of income, but sometimes it seems very difficult to find them. A quick way to find interesting and profitable offers (as well as special promotions!) Is to view the rankings of loans on the Loan Portal. You will always find a detailed description of the terms of services and current offers with us.

You can also view opinions about loans, installment loans for companies, as well as cash loans. It is worth spending some time reading them, because in this way you get a set of information and a full picture of current offers on the market. Thanks to this you can be sure of the right choice!

If you’re looking for a loan company that doesn’t require you to provide proof of income, try Good Finance. This is one of the most customer-friendly installment loans that is growing in popularity. Its biggest advantage is the fact that no income certificates are required here – all you have to do is fill out the online application and it’s ready!

Good Finance installment loans

Good Finance installment loans

Good Finance installment loans are an option that many clients choose because of their easy access to services. In addition to not requiring proof of income, the company also made it easier to obtain loans for people without a bank account. You can easily report the transfer of money via a E-Money check, which is carried out at any post office.

Not only that, Good Finance installment loans can also be applied for by phone, so if you have a problem with the internet connection, just dial +48 22 493 68 90. Employees are waiting for contact from Monday to Friday 8:00 – 20:00 and on Saturdays (!) from 9:00 to 17:00.

Opinions about Good Finance


The biggest advantages of Good Finance loans are, therefore, no need to provide a heap of verification documents, cash withdrawals for people without a bank account, and service by phone 6 days a week. Good opinions about Good Finance do not stop there. Speaking about this company, it is worth mentioning also about quick consideration of applications and making decisions on granting a loan – it often takes just a few minutes!

For people looking for a quick installment loan without unnecessary formalities and income reporting requirements, Good Finance will be a great solution.

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